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BMW Z8 review. Why BMW's modern classic makes more sense today than it did when new.

The BMW Z8 arrived in 2000 and seemed a confused car at the time of launch but now Restomods are all the rage, has the BMW Z8 time finally arrived? Watch the video to find out..
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dominicrusho : I once knew a guy who owned one of these. Complete nutcase behind the wheel. Decided to drive it to drive it to somewhere on the Caspian Sea to do some “business dealings” but the car ended up getting sawn in half and written off. He didn’t seem that bothered about the whole thing really, just made some witty remarks and never mentioned it again.
TheSketchMonkey : Such a beautiful design especially the rear end. Perfectly captures the spirit of the 507 in a modern body
AoToGo : The most stylish car BMW has made in thirty years! It never got the recognition it deserved. Perfect car for a road trip to South of France or Switzerland .
Simon H : Harrys is every boy's hero. Rich, Barn full of cars and bikes, A happy family life. But does not chuck it down your throat.
sixdonuts : Great point - "no screen on it to date it". So sad that most of the cars made these days will have worthless and unsupported touch screens covering half of their dashes in 10 years.

Here’s Why the BMW Z8 Is Worth $200,000


The BMW Z8 is a special BMW -- and good examples are selling for well over $200,000. Today I'm reviewing the Z8, and I'm taking you on a tour of it -- and I'm going to show you why the BMW Z8 is worth $200,000.

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EDWAN : Doug is the type of guy to drive a convertible with windows up
tim harper : Truly is the most gorgeous “retro” design of all time. Perfect in every way, and I actually prefer it to the original 507. Which is rare.
Also feel compelled to note those are NOT toggle switches. Those are rocker switches.
Pastrami Stick : imo every convertible should include a hard top for the winter
Asher Lin : Doug: I've borrowed this Z8 from a viewer here in...
Me: Yea yea, we know, Southern California...
Doug: ...Northern Virginia
Izzy Alsafa : This car in my eyes is one of the most beautiful modern retro inspired cars ever made.

巨人師匠の愛車 BMW Z8

今回はオール巨人師匠の愛車、BMW Z8を見せて頂きました!車が大好きな師匠が色んな話を聞かせてくれました!最近は旧車にも興味があるとか・・果たして巨人師匠が今気になる旧車とは何なのか!?

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ultraryman : 世界中に現存してるZ8の中でも有数のグッドコンディションだと思う!
xkenkun : 師匠クラスだと新しいベンツSL63位のを乗っててもおかしくない人が!
恋のステーションワゴン : 巨人師匠この世で1番尊敬してます
TOTAL FITNESS B-LAB : 毎回楽しい動画と素敵なお車紹介楽しみにしています。
T M : 10年以上前に千日前通でお見かけしました。




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