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2019 Lincoln Nautilus: The New MKX Is Worth The Wait!

Today I go over the all new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus!
NVHSChadSheppard1 : Beautiful SUV
황금의정신 : berry good review Thank u
Greg Holman : I like the Lincoln Nautilus because of the beautiful grill & headlight as you pointed out. You were spot on in your review especially in regards to the wheels as they could have been a bit nicer. A bit to much plastic on the center console & would have preferred aluminum covered speakers to add a touch of class.Btw, who makes the stereo & speakers or is it a ford product & how many speakers? I appreciate how you kept the vid below the fifteen minute mark, well done!
LJ Borao : Why is that 2019 Lincoln dirty?
Jose Arambula : Honestly i didnt like this suv. Looks cheap. My sister bought a 2019 Lincoln Navigator black label and wow its very luxurious but very expensive.

Lincoln Nautilus vs MKX comparison

This video is about Nautilus vs MKX comparison

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Garrett McKie : Thanks for the in detail information! I decided to keep my 2016 MKX Reserve, I looked at a nautilus Black Label, reserve, and select. The Nautilus was identical to me when driving it, and I prefer the 3.7 V6. I was disappointed when I found out the only options were turbocharged engines. The “angel wing” front end looks better in my opinion, and new transmissions drive me nuts with more then 6 gears. The front of new Lincoln’s look weird in my opinion, I call it a chrome mustache lol
Doug : I like the idea Lincoln came up with is the cordless phone charger especially if its standard equipment on all trim levels. The other feature I like is the welcome mat with the Lincoln Star logo which illuminates on ground at both front doors.
66skate : Seems like they're keeping up with most of the tech, but they need to bring the interior up to the rest of the Lincoln lineup. It should have the larger infotainment screen and the piano key trans selector by now like all of the other models. It also should have the 2.7 as the base engine and the 3.0 as the optional engine.
Daniel Morean : excellent, informative, substantive, accurate information. What a breath of fresh air...thank you young man!
Edwin Alfredo : Interesting how such different front ends can both be one of the best looking of the segment

Mortal Kombat X: Combo Breaker 2018 - Full Tournament! [TOP8 + Finals] (ft WAZ, Damaja, Xinox etc)

► Mortal Kombat XL (MKXL, MKX): CB2018 - Entire Tourney / Championship 2018 May - TOP 8 + Losers Finals, Winners Finals and Grand Final!
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Kurutoshi☆Melody : The commentary is golden. They sounds so professional, and I don't know any technical aspect of this game. I found myself understanding what they are saying.
Alex K : I love how fast it is
and the hits feel like they really have impact
idk it has its flaws but NRS did one hell of a job bringing MK back from oblivion
Dj Miller : i would hate to be any of these pro's little brother growing up... lol
Rui : I'm terrible at this game, don't understand it, and don't really play it anymore but the pro's at this game are so entertaining to watch!
OKC Celtics : I loved MKX Cassie so much, she was my go to character anytime I needed to get serious. She had such good buttons and it made her so dang good in the neutral! Her Anti airs were absolutely god like and that combined with her nut punch and 50/50s made her the ultimate comeback queen!


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