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Pentax ME Super

The Pentax ME Super was their attempt to compete with the venerable Canon AE-1. This solidly built camera is a good bargain. .
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Pentax Me Super & Portra 400

The Pentax ME Super is a great little 35mm film camera that is not only extremely compact but very capable as well.

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Introduction to the ME Super, Video 1 of 2

After the ME, Pentax released the ME Super as an entry-level SLR. Better than the ME and MV, the ME Super had the option for manual camera use. The function was wonky and definitely encouraged automatic mode use, but a manual option existed.

Completing largely with the Olympus cameras to be the smallest 35mm film SLRs, the ME Super was smaller than the Olympus OM-2 and OM-2N as well as most other 35mm cameras on the market. Light and reliable, the ME Super presented a valid pathway for people upgrading from automatic or point-and-shoot cameras to SLRs.

Skip the Intro: 00:07
Camera Overview: 00:14
Camera History: 1:20
Camera's Lineage: 2:22
Camera Features -- Top: 3:29
Camera Features -- Front: 7:12
Camera Features -- Bottom: 8:52
Camera Features -- Back: 9:57
Camera Features -- Inside: 10:57
Notes and Observations: 12:59
Compared to the Pentax K1000: 13:16
Compared to the Olympus OM-2N: 13:49
Some Usage Tips: 14:32
Things to Avoid Doing to Your Camera: 15:08
Please, Please Love Me: 17:01

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