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Building Estimation || Estimation Excel Sheet || घर का Estimate कैसे निकाले? 2021

What is Building Estimation?
Building estimation is defined as the process of calculating materials quantity and their cost for construction projects.
In this video, I will show you how to calculate 15x30 house materials quantity with a building estimation excel sheet.

Free Download 15x30 House Estimation Excel Sheet:

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Concrete Mix Design Excel Software:

House Construction Cost Calculator App:

House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet:

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Rahul Suryawanshi : Foundation drawings value are given in ft =sheet value putting m...?
T I Jamir : if you are taking the measurement in feet than why is there meter written on the length , breadth and height?
Some things for learners : How to calculate rate anylsis of a building please make a detailed video on this topic. Please add all details like profit margin of contractors +tax’s+ how we prepare a quotation of building work for getting a contract.
Santhosh Hr : "A Request"
Sir Please make a vedio about engineer/contractor's quotation ...☝️
Ma Na : Sir , how are you. I want to construct a house of 1200sqft under 12lacs. I have the plan . So I want the cost estimation.

How to Estimate Construction Projects as a General Contractor *Excel Spreadsheet*


How to Estimate Construction Projects as a General Contractor! Jesse Lane shares the secret to Estimating Construction Projects as a General Contractor using an Excel spreadsheet! How to estimate construction projects.


(you can still purchase the spreadsheet if you're on your phone, it will send you an email with the link to download it)

► My Instagram - @jesselanetv

► Add me on Facebook and LinkedIn - Jesse Lane

► My company website -
Jesse Lane : Get the Excel spreadsheet here
Jon Brunner : Jesse,

Love the video! Estimating tends to be a sort of hush hush that doesnt get discussed often. Everyone seems to have there own formulas and methods and they're not typically so eager to discuss them. Great information! Thanks for posting!
Mark Switzer : Ok, you covered it... lol! I was sitting here asking in my head why you were adding a % markup vs a profit margin %. But you did address that at the end. Many contractors I know don't do it with the profit margin method.
Dolores Ochoa : It was quite interesting to watch. Considering the fact that I am no expertise in this field my attentiveness to the detail of the excel formatting throughout the video remained in-tacked even till the very end. Well done.
THAT GUY MEDIA : Hey Jesse, I will have to say, great work, the last couple of weeks I’ve been checking out your videos. At a young age I have been in construction, from a super to a project manager, quality control on Bragg for the government until I made a change into NASCAR. Loved NASCAR did it for 15 years, but the virus really screwed us. But my point, even though I have all this experience, you forget things. So your videos are exceptional and they are very i informative. I’m out of racing now, so I’m looking at starting my on Sub company. Not ready for GC personally yet. Biggest thing that a person needs to be comfortable with is there own ability to understand like you said at the beginning. But yeh great job! Keep doing the videos, good luck to you wish you the best! I’m in NC probably moving to AZ since I’m out of NASCAR now to be with my son in October. Anything that you can think of that would be a different type of trade out west that’s not out East, please let me know. Have a blessed week

Creating and Excel Estimating Template part1

better soc : ms excel what year?




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