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Seeing Part 1: Pattern Recognition

In this free clip from Dan Roam's "Napkin Academy" we see how to take advantage of our extraordinary ability to visually detect patterns. )A core part of the "Seeing" process.)
Merry in Serendipity : 8 years later, thank you for having made this video, sir.
Mr. NoBody : well explanation how seeing is being processed in human system. Thank you... I really like the part of 6 dimensional coordinates. Keen to know more on it.
Mr Shah : Dan, you're really articulate and well read.
amal ayache : This is perfect!! Thank you !
Asher Smart : This is the only video I've watched out of the entire series. Its amazing.

A-Wax - Pattern Recognition

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@Thee Shooters
A-Wax : Dont forget to subscribe to the channel ASAP!!!!
Gentlemanjim 90 : The mathematical formulas, the images of nature, the security cameras all = pattern recognition. This is a work of art that I think will not be understood by most. Bravo my man. I dare say this is a masterpiece.
LaKeith Jackson : This OG started listening to this genius a couple of weeks ago and Man!!!! This guy is one of the most underrated rappers Ever!!
The SKYY BAY4:20 : Now, this is REAL hip-hop that I love to hear. A-Wax tells stories I wanna listen to. Way better than most of the garbage out there. For sure deserves more views. An East Bay King
BamBam4Beats : Awax is a league of his own. I swear everything he drops is pure

William Gibson's Pattern Recognition (PART 1)

Published in 2003. Pattern Recognition is a masterful snapshot of modern consumer culture and hipster esoterica. Set in London, Tokyo, and Moscow, Pattern Recognition takes you on a tour of a global village inhabited by power-hungry marketeers, industrial saboteurs, high-end hackers, Russian mob bosses, Internet fan-boys, techno archeologists, washed-out spies, cultural documentarians, and the heroine Cayce Pollard--a soothsaying "cool hunter" with an allergy to brand names.

Pollard is among a cult-like group of Internet obsessives that strives to find meaning and patterns within a mysterious collection of video moments, merely called "the footage," let loose onto the Internet by an unknown source. Her hobby and work collide when a megalomaniac client hires her to track down whoever is behind the footage. Cayce's quest will take her in and out of harm's way in a high-stakes game that ultimately coincides with her desire to reconcile her father’s disappearance.

William Gibson, born in South Carolina and the author/screenwriter of Johnny Mnemonic, is speculative fiction novelist who has been called the "noir prophet" of the cyberpunk sub-genre. Gibson now lives in Canada.
Rob Boss : I read or listen this book once every year. By far the most inspired novel that has come out of the whole post-cyberpunk genre, in my opinion.
If someone knows a novel that’s anything like this, please let me know.
Thanks for the upload!
Actuitive Visrl : More organicly read than the modern version. The reader better understands the material as opposed to the modern recording with the reader reading words without a hint of understanding of the content or it's sentences and paragraphs
David Brown : Thank you Jill, I am enjoying listening to the narration as I fix coffee or such in the kitchen while Cayce fixes her coffee as well

Around this period William was
at an interview / talk and near the end the host remarks about what William was wearing

Now this is quite interesting in how he replies: it seems he was approached from someone from the fashion industry and was asked if he would wear their clothing ( from their line) , he
couldn't reveal who they were because he had to sign a letter of confidentiality

Needless to say this blew me away, I liked what he wore especially the shoes

Peace...and the Walrus was Paul
Jim Mitchell : Listened to the audiobook years ago, I was enthralled.
Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras! : Read this a few years back. Nice to hear it read to me as a refresher! Thanks for posting! ; )




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