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Learn knex.js with Postgres and express in 35 minutes

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In this video, we will cover how to connect to a database with knex.js, Postgres and express in Node. We cover how to perform migrations in knex.js, how to perform rollbacks in knex.js and how to systematically evolve a database schema.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 project setup
02:50 setting up a basic express server
05:30 generating knexfile
08:30 migrations in knex.js
11:30 setting up our first migration in knex.js
17:50 running migrations in knex.js
20:50 adding a REST endpoint that connect to the database
24:24 creating data access object with knex.js
27:35 creating knex.js service layer
28:54 building out controller layer
31:36 testing our app
34:27 adding error handling to controller
35:30 conclusion
Benjamin Martinez : I really like that you take the time to explain how the setup is done in a real world context using best practices. Other channels are less helpful because they use quick and dirty methods that are not good for production. Thanks!
Gabor Pfalzer : Great video, huge help for me as a beginner. I tried to implement layers by myself before, this one managed to clarify it even more. Amazing to see videos where the structure is not dumbed down, just because the example is simple. Thank you for your work!
chibuokem ibezim : This is a great tutorial, very helpful one, the fact that you also use best practises as much as you can while on it is great
Gustavo Braganti : Thank you very much for this tutorial! It helped me a lot! Keep up the good work!
Ayyaz Ahmad : Thank you so much for the knex crash course.
Would you please explain more about the service layer? Should the validation logic be added in the service layer and error response in the controller?

TOP 10 Most AMAZING K'NEX Creations

Sources \u0026 Credits:

10. Harley Bike
By Vinnie Bentley

9. Frisbee Ride
By Thibault Art

8. Citadel V2
By Shadowman

By U.S. Space \u0026 Rocket Center

6. Coin Pusher
By Ted Pounds

5. Ferris Wheel
By Jeremy Biesecker

4. Ball Machine
By Austin

3. K'nuter
By Dan Ehrman

2. K'NEX Adventure Land
By Jochem and Max from Dutch Details

1. Bloodhound


"Midnight in Tokyo"
By BlueFoxMusic
Purchased from Envato

"Ambient Subtle Modern Background"
Purchased From Envato
Glace038 : Ok, how do you not have more subs and likes???? This video is amazingly edited and it has good quality! And the reasons and stuff you put in is great too, new subscriber right here
Josh B : Imagine if something inside broke and having to deconstruct the whole thing to fix it
Matescium : All of them are insane discoveries
David Allan : That Ferris wheel is insane! I miss K’Nex
obwilly : how did that ferris wheel stay intact? lol

Colossal Racer - K'nex Racing Roller Coaster

Colossal Racer is my largest K'nex roller coaster build to date. It's modeled after a racing style wooden roller coaster.

Roller coaster height: 88 Inches (2.24 meters)
Track length per side: 141 Feet 3 Inches (43.05 meters)
Ride duration: 56 seconds
Estimated building time: 400-500 hours
5MadMovieMakers : Incredible!
JayWez : "Colossal Racer looks too intense for me."
Derek Allyn : Jeez, the scale g-forces would probably make people pass out.
tim on pizzapie : It’s very rare to find someone with so much intelligence, patience, and courage. You have REAL talent.




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