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Understanding Signal Generators

This video provides a short technical introduction to both analog and vector RF signal generators.
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00:15 Overview of analog and vector signal generators
01:42 Analog signal generators
01:44 Uses of analog signal generators
02:49 Analog signal quality
03:27 Common analog signal types
05:40 Analog signal generator selection criteria
06:43 About vector signals
07:50 About IQ
08:28 Vector signal generators
09:55 Uses of vector signal generators
13:11 Baseband signals and sources
15:13 Arbitrary waveform (ARB) files
19:25 Realtime signal generator
23:17 Creating signal impairments
24:16 AWGN (additive white Gaussian noise)
25:29 CW interferers
26:27 Impulse noise
27:30 Adding phase noise
29:05 Fading
30:36 IQ impairments
31:26 Vector signal generator selection criteria
33:20 Summary
Roopal Bansal : It is very well explained! Thanks a lot :)
James Lacy Kamuf : I have a very fundamental understanding of RF (even though I got a B.S. in E.E,. more than 20 years ago); that said, I thought this was an excellent presentation in order to help me understand the basic difference between analog, and vector signal generators; keep up the great work.
Sudeep Shetty : Thanks for the presentation on signal generator.
Sudeep Shetty : How signal generators are protected from high return power cases ? Is there any tips to identify the signal generator conditions(safe operation or critical) during run time?
Dunamis Crisostomo : What is/are the resources of this presentation? Can i have it?

Function/Waveform Generator || DIY or Buy

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More project information (schematic, pictures,.....) on Instructables:

Parts list (incomplete, see Instructables for more, affiliate links):
1x 12V center tapped transformer:
1x IEC socket:
1x B40C2300 full bridge rectifier:
1x LM7812 12V regulator:
1x LM7912 -12V regulator:
1x LM7805 5V regulator:
1x Capacitor kit:
1x Arduino Nano:
1x Rotary Encoder:
1x AD9833 DDS IC:
1x I2C LCD:
1x TL071 OpAmp:
1x BNC connector:
1x 10k, 50k Potentiometer:

In this episode of DIY or Buy we will have a short look at commercial function/waveform generators in order to determine what features are important for a DIY version. Afterwards I will then show you how to create a simple function generator, the analog and digital way. At the end I will then present you a DIY DDS function generator design which can (kind of) hold up to the commercial versions. Let's get started!

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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Zonia : I've been wanting to build my own function generator for a while now. Thanks for posting this.
Settwi : I really like your content, and I appreciate how clear you are with your whole process, especially the analysis of data sheets and circuit diagramming. Thank you!
Alen Asenie : -"it did't result in an explosion, perfect"

Electroboom disaproves
Bill Kerr : Awesome! This goes on my (already long) project list.
Krystian Waga : nice project ,you could use AD9851 or AD9850 for higher frequency ,btw it should be possible to modulate signal eg. AM or FM ,it may be useful

Instrument Basics: Function Generator - Workbench Wednesdays

Generating signals with a waveform, function, or arbitrary generator lets you test all kinds of circuits. Learn how to get a function generator to output a signal, the 3 types of waveforms you can create, and which controls matter. James, the Bald Engineer, explains the difference between analog and digital generators:

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Roadtest and Reviews:
Rudy : I haven't used a function generator but I have seen the sweep function used when testing audio amplifier circuits. 20hz to 20khz sine wave, to see if amplification is close to linear throughout the range.
AMERICANREBEL ! : Thank you for the info, I'm 57 and just now learning, ultimately I want to repair flat screen TV. Thank you Element 14!
Ramiro Suarez : I loved the explanation, and the reference to the graphing calculators.
Gerasimos Melissaratos : I'll suggest this video to the students. They will learn something and enjoy your presentation.
john swilley : Succinct and informative, I liked your presentation so much that I subscribed. Best wishes!


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